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(Dec 24, 2018)
Gonna jump into FO76 this evening, anyone else?
(Dec 20, 2018)
Games with Gold, Qube2, freebie is a lot of fun in you like puzzles.
(Dec 17, 2018)
You and me both mate. Welcome home!
(Dec 13, 2018)
hooh sorry guys for being inactive for so long. lots of happened since the last two months or so gonna post everything in my blog section.
(Dec 11, 2018)
Thumb is playing up on me still not using it :(
(Dec 10, 2018)
Going to take a break from console gaming for a few days.
(Dec 10, 2018)
Going to take a break from gaming for a few days.
(Dec 09, 2018)
I logged on 1min after Bear logged off. Played by myself for half an hour and then the storm hit again. Lost all power for a momen so I’ll leve it off for now. :(
(Dec 08, 2018)
I’ve tried 2x to get online. Every time I do we get a storm. It’s been on off all day
(Dec 08, 2018)
Okay, Saturday morning is here, it is time for the Melee. I be on shortly as DragonOso13 heading into the Wastelands of Appilachia! Join me...!
(Dec 07, 2018)
The 2018 Game Awards revealed several new games. Check out the entire show here on the News Section
(Nov 29, 2018)
Saturday Melee and Free Games coming up on Saturday. The Game Awards are coming Live from Los Angeles. Be sure to watch it.
(Nov 24, 2018)
Yup I sent it to the wrong account
(Nov 22, 2018)
I know we are an internatiaonal site, but I must say; Happy Thanksgiving Clan....
(Nov 20, 2018)
Welcome to the Clan, "Army Man".
(Nov 19, 2018)
Welcome BAD DUDE (Sting)
(Nov 16, 2018)
Havne't recieved the collecctors edition yet, so only playing digitally
(Nov 16, 2018)
If you sent to BB13, I haven't been on that machine. Bought CE for BB and Digital for Dragon Oso, and haven't been on BB machine since the beta came out for 76
(Nov 14, 2018)
Made it to lvl 15 in FO76, starting a new character now to get the cheevos it didn't give me from the beta.
(Nov 14, 2018)
I sent you a mesage to test out my mic. Currently downloading 74