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(Feb 10, 2019)
Done with exam. I'm back
(Jan 26, 2019)
I'm online now but I have no idea where my headset is
(Jan 25, 2019)
Getting ready for Far Cry, New Dawn, so will be playing FC5 tomorrow A.M. UNLESS any want to jump into FO76 and team up.
(Jan 24, 2019)
It so hot it is hard to think
(Jan 21, 2019)
I think I missed to the other night. I went onloine to play Fallout but after the update you were gone.
(Jan 21, 2019)
Gaming site, doesn't anyone game anymore.
(Jan 20, 2019)
New theme. I'll write more tomorrow. To tired
(Jan 16, 2019)
whoo, I might be inactive for awhile midterms are coming!
(Jan 15, 2019)
Anyone gaming next Sat, 19th. This may be my last Sat off for a while...
(Jan 12, 2019)
I'll be back soon!
(Jan 11, 2019)
Anyone gaming tomorrow AM?
(Jan 11, 2019)
Welcome Veler
(Jan 06, 2019)
Welcome "Veler" to the Warrior Clan.
(Jan 05, 2019)
Get so frustrated at my job!
(Jan 04, 2019)
Bah Humbug, stick a fork in me, I'm done!
(Dec 31, 2018)
That's kinda new to me, someone who isn't me doesn't drink? Anyway, I didn't get much sleep because the whole neighborhood is putting up fireworks.
(Dec 31, 2018)
Anyone starting the new year gaming. I don't drink so I should be on early, may be playing AC Odyessy, but if anyone wants to co-op, PM me.
(Dec 28, 2018)
Free games for January are listed now.
(Dec 25, 2018)
Merry Christmas everyone I hope you guys got a miraculous year ^_^
(Dec 25, 2018)
Merry Christmas to and from the Warrior Clan...!