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(Aug 28, 2019)
Oh dear God. I’ll pray for you mate.
(Aug 25, 2019)
Down for at least 6-8 wks.
(Aug 25, 2019)
Tore the ligaments and separated my right shoulder, having some issues with left foot, and beyond that, bruised up pretty bad. A mail carrier hit me, I flew about 35 feet.
(Aug 21, 2019)
OMG I hope you are OK. I hate news like that.
(Aug 20, 2019)
I was in a MC accident (Boogle is finished) and haven't been able to get on line for a while now.
(Aug 16, 2019)
Why is nobody posting? :( Things falling apart because i took a break?
(Aug 04, 2019)
Things around here are going to get very busy on September 13,
(Jul 17, 2019)
Thanks buddy. I'll still be around from time to time.
(Jul 17, 2019)
You’ve done a great job Masiv 👍
(Jul 17, 2019)
Let me know if you can’t figure something out. I don’t know it all but I’ve been fiddling around with Shivtr fir a while now.
(Jul 13, 2019)
Uhhh, okay? Gonna have to learn how to navigate Shivtr, I started this on GameSpot, big diff. Hang on Warriors, let's go for a ride!
(Jul 11, 2019)
Taking a break. BikerBear is in charge of the site now. Everybody post info about games and the industry often and support one another. Remember, we have hundreds of readers that look in and read our info.
(Jul 08, 2019)
oh silly me it was july 4th four days ago
(Jul 08, 2019)
Yeah, the USA...
(Jul 07, 2019)
oh it's someone's birthday? Happy Birthday!
(Jul 06, 2019)
Thanks for the birthday wishes...
(Jul 06, 2019)
Happy (belated) Birthday America
(Jul 04, 2019)
Hope everyone, has a great day, and especially hope for all to have a safe and happy U.S. Independence Day...
(Jul 03, 2019)
Forcing myself to play the RDR2 campaign, I am about 38% through, and it is starting to grow on me.
(Jun 29, 2019)
Who has GamePass so POSSIBLY, we could do some co-op???