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(Jul 29, 2016)
(Jul 17, 2016)
Nox is free on Origin this month
(Jul 09, 2016)
Elite Dangerous: Arena free on steam
(Jul 06, 2016)
Check out the Ultimate Game Sale on XBL. There are some deals there.
(Jun 26, 2016)
Looks good. It must be nice to be able to drive past a place and think "I built that"
(Jun 25, 2016)
(Jun 25, 2016)
Later Warriors, see you in the funny papers.
(Jun 25, 2016)
IT's on facebook, easy to find, look for Foshee Const
(Jun 24, 2016)
Give me a link
(Jun 24, 2016)
I have dozens on Facebook
(Jun 23, 2016)
Check you mail friends
(Jun 21, 2016)
Do you have any pics of the stuff your company has built?
(Jun 21, 2016)
Though ours is Sunday, September 4
(Jun 21, 2016)
Bit of a sad day for me Masiv
(Jun 20, 2016)
No, I am not monitored. However, my day is non stop and I have too much to do to get on here during my workday.
(Jun 19, 2016)
Happy Father's Day to all the Warrior dads
(Jun 19, 2016)
Does you boss monitor your pc?
(Jun 19, 2016)
Yes, this is as it may be, but I was merely explaining why I am not here more.
(Jun 16, 2016)
And that's why you have an awesome Bear Cave
(Jun 14, 2016)
I work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.