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(Nov 07, 2016)
Welcome back Bear!
(Nov 07, 2016)
Hi all. Had to take a sabbatical, had some health issues that had to be addressed.
(Nov 05, 2016)
BikerBear is back onboard :)
(Oct 24, 2016)
Season 7 opened with the deaths of 2 beloved characters : (
(Oct 17, 2016)
The Walking Dead Renewed for Season 8. Season 7 begins Oct 23rd
(Oct 15, 2016)
(Oct 15, 2016)
Check you mail
(Oct 10, 2016)
Everyone I know check your mail
(Aug 29, 2016)
Yup, I think he did. Hopefully I'm wrong!
(Aug 29, 2016)
Think Negan killed one one of the Atlantis OGs?
(Aug 28, 2016)
Noooo. Don't kill any of our beloved characters
(Aug 27, 2016)
I have a good idea of who that person will be.
(Aug 27, 2016)
One of the "Fan Favorites" of Rick's warriors is going to die at the start of season 7 October 23rd
(Aug 08, 2016)
Yeah, i can't stop watching it. What's the group of survivors gonna do now? They have lost so many already.
(Aug 06, 2016)
Marathon sesion?
(Aug 05, 2016)
Sorry, I was watching "Walking Dead"
(Jul 30, 2016)
(Jul 30, 2016)
MIA? Who, me?
(Jul 29, 2016)
Masiv, Manji, and Both Bears are MIA
(Jul 29, 2016)
I'm still here, will post when I can but it'll be less since Exams are coming O.o