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(Mar 08, 2020)
Thanks Kierwiny! We are alive. wrote a little blog.
(Feb 21, 2020)
Seen a few new members, maybe we can revive the site.
(Jan 15, 2020)
Yeah, Australia's been having a tough time. Hopefully it'll get better. I hope Falconer and his loved ones are fine.
(Jan 08, 2020)
Australia is a mess, let's keep them in our positive thoughts. Has anyone heard from or seen Falconer on line? Hope he and his are safe.
(Dec 31, 2019)
(Dec 26, 2019)
2020 will soon be upon us. Happy New Year Warriors...
(Dec 24, 2019)
I'm still here. checking going and stuff.
(Dec 23, 2019)
Merry Christmas everyone, anyone?
(Nov 19, 2019)
Guys..... I'm still alive..... just busy T_T
(Nov 13, 2019)
I hope and pray you get better soon!
(Nov 09, 2019)
Haven't played it much, been kinda out of it, just got out of the hospital today. I'm okay, but still a long road to well.
(Oct 29, 2019)
Now that you have played some more what do you think of the outer world?
(Oct 15, 2019)
Also, did anyone pick up Ghost Recon, Breakpoint. Was gonna, but someone told me it wasn't very good...
(Oct 15, 2019)
Anyone else picking up The Outer Worlds? Doing my preorder today at Gamestop, using my REWARDS points, so no moolah out of pocket...yeah
(Oct 01, 2019)
Well, seeing surgeon on Thursday, guess they had a change of heart...
(Sep 18, 2019)
Good mate.
(Sep 17, 2019)
No surgery, rehab for now...good...
(Sep 17, 2019)
Good luck. Me and mum will pray for you .
(Sep 12, 2019)
Surgeon tomorrow, we will see what he has to say.
(Aug 30, 2019)
Thanks, hoping they won't need to do surgery on shoulder to repair it!!!