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(Jan 27, 2016)
So, did the rules change, it won't let me post anymore. I can write here, but there are no longer any reply/quote buttons? Guess I will have to see you online sometime.
(Jan 26, 2016)
Too bad you can get out of the driveway, now you have no excuse to stay home and play video games.
(Jan 24, 2016)
Phew glad to hear it :)
(Jan 24, 2016)
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers guys.The snow's done and we didn't lose power. Plus we can gt out of the driveway so all is well.
(Jan 23, 2016)
Saw the storm on the news last night. we're praying for you!
(Jan 23, 2016)
Thanks guys! Luckily, we still have power. Currently, we have 16 inches but it's still coming down hard as ever.
(Jan 23, 2016)
Keep warm, heres hoping you don't lose power...Best wishes
(Jan 22, 2016)
Good thoughts coming your way.
(Jan 22, 2016)
Just to let you all know, I'm in the eye of the winter storm hitting the east coast of the US,so it's very possible that ai might lose power and thus be offline for a while.
(Jan 17, 2016)
Shopping for an Original Xbox and PS1, prices vary greatly. Gonna complete my collection, then we go after Atari consoles
(Jan 15, 2016)
So, all I have talked to and read, R6 Seige is a huge disappointment. If you were expecting more of the same, DON'T. I was considering, but I am going to pass on it now.
(Jan 05, 2016)
Sounds like a fun night!
(Jan 04, 2016)
(Jan 03, 2016)
Stayed home and watched 007 movies
(Jan 02, 2016)
Nope, just went and got a beer with my best friend and watched a movie with my mom. What about you Masiv?
(Jan 02, 2016)
I just had a small celibration with my mum :)
(Jan 01, 2016)
Kinda odd for me that in New Year you're supposed to have a party and party hard and hangover harder but I didn't do any of those.
(Jan 01, 2016)
Thanks JCS. Did you party hard last night?
(Jan 01, 2016)
Happy New Year everyone!