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(Jun 16, 2017)
Awesome job Masiv! I can't see all of it yet but I can't wait to read through it all.
(Jun 13, 2017)
I'm tired now. Glad E3 is just once a year
(Jun 13, 2017)
I've been adding lots of new game info from the E3 Conferences. Please read up and comment on them.
(Jun 12, 2017)
Check out the comments in the Microsoft / Bethesda Conferences for all the new game reveal videos.
(Jun 11, 2017)
The Microsoft Conference is Sunday afternoon. What will the new Xbox be called?
(Jun 09, 2017)
EA Conference is first in line at E3. Tune in from here on Saturday to watch
(Jun 03, 2017)
I don't think they will bother solving the promlem as they are getting rid of the old adsl lines soon anyway.
(Jun 03, 2017)
I know the feeling
(Jun 01, 2017)
Patience is a virture. Tough some times, but a virtue. One I sadly don't have!
(May 29, 2017)
Yeah hope it comes good soon
(May 28, 2017)
Oh, your internet really is driving you nuts. Sorry
(May 28, 2017)
On off on off
(May 27, 2017)
Beam game streaming is now called Mixer. If you had a Beam account, it automatically changed to Mixer
(May 25, 2017)
I've updated the Free Games with Gold for June 1st
(May 18, 2017)
Destiny 2 Event is going on now
(May 16, 2017)
(May 10, 2017)
I updated the E3 Conferences with links to so you can watch them live.
(May 03, 2017)
Need new keyboard
(May 03, 2017)
hard to type atm. I'll have to keep thinks brief
(Apr 19, 2017)
I guess it was not for everyone. I'm not even surprised you think of it like that. I'm a just a fan who liked the franchise.