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(Sep 13, 2017)
Luckily trees missed the house. Good to hear no severe damage. Staff safe.
(Sep 12, 2017)
We are OK. Suffered minor damage. Three large tree limbs down. Missed the house, thank God.
(Sep 10, 2017)
Great to see you man. Stay safe!
(Sep 10, 2017)
It's passing pretty close to us overnight tonight. Shutters on all the windows, generator is gassed and ready. We have water.
(Sep 08, 2017)
Praying for you
(Sep 07, 2017)
Getting ready for the huricane
(Aug 24, 2017)
A lot of anxiety atm. Mum has had some problems and Australias new NBN sucks.
(Aug 22, 2017)
How's it going?
(Aug 21, 2017)
(Aug 16, 2017)
One month bad.
(Jul 21, 2017)
JCS has been busy at work. He'll be back soon
(Jul 19, 2017)
We should get him back here. I hope he's alright
(Jul 13, 2017)
I see him on Xbox live now and then, mostly playing Payday 2.
(Jul 13, 2017)
Where's JCS?
(Jul 06, 2017)
You can download one of the levels of Hitman free! If you haven't played it now's your chance!
(Jun 29, 2017)
Oh I was just wondering sorry. If speaking of new games, I hevn't got to buy some new ones. That's why I haven't been posting much too.
(Jun 29, 2017)
I'm not quiet because I want to be
(Jun 29, 2017)
Net is going fast then slow a lot
(Jun 29, 2017)
Yea. Don't wait for someone else. There's lots of new games coming
(Jun 29, 2017)
Hey..........What's up with you guys lately? It got pretty quiet here though.