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(Aug 19, 2018)
There is a ComiCon at Osceola Heritage Park on the 25th/26th of August (Next weekend). Gonna go look for more toys
(Aug 19, 2018)
Hello out there, anyone in this group game anymore? I been seing Masiv, JCSBearmeat latley, A month ago, Damoder was giving me a run for my money on most cheevo points on Xbox, but beyond that, not seeing anyone gaming. Is this media outlet DEAD?
(Aug 18, 2018)
(Jun 19, 2018)
There's a lot of new games and DLCs to read about. Let's start posting
(Jun 09, 2018)
The E3 Conferences have started. See all the action right here at the Warrior Clan
(May 30, 2018)
Hi Kerwiny
(May 29, 2018)
Hey been so long how're y'all been?
(Feb 24, 2018)
There is News, new Events, Game Deals, and Videos posted. Check them out.
(Dec 21, 2017)
I like to pretend that the bar scene in the theme is us
(Nov 13, 2017)
I'll be back soon. Still trying to heal more
(Nov 07, 2017)
I'm haveing to learn how to play games again with my fingers rather than thumb. So my reaction tim,es are way down. After I relearn I'd love to be able to play again with everone
(Nov 04, 2017)
I know it was the reason I started the Clan...
(Nov 04, 2017)
Finally, a free Saturday, this REDNECK is gonna do some gaming, which is why we all joined this site in the first place. At least I think that was the reason? Starting to wonder though
(Oct 16, 2017)
(Oct 13, 2017)
How about we do some gaming!
(Sep 30, 2017)
Oct 16 Games with Gold has "Medal of Honor, Airborne" as the 360 release. Great game, finished in on PS4, but have the X360 version, bought it to MP with GunChimp years ago.
(Sep 19, 2017)
You're a god send Bear. I'm been seeing the destruction on my screen & I don't want things to turn out like they did with New Orleans for years after Katrina
(Sep 16, 2017)
Bless this work you are doing. Stay safe.
(Sep 16, 2017)
Flying out to Houston next week, sending men and equipment there for Harvey cleanup. South Florida will be coming in a few weeks.
(Sep 16, 2017)
Thanking god glad you are safe.