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(Sep 20, 2018)
Nope not me, I never liked Battle Royales.......
(Sep 19, 2018)
So, which of you Warrior's is going to purchase CoD, Black Ops 4 online battle royale game?
(Sep 17, 2018)
Sorry I missed the session. I just got into a BL2 mood later in the day.
(Sep 16, 2018)
We need to do it again and get some more folks in the session. JCSBearmeat was playing BL2 later in the day.
(Sep 15, 2018)
Co-Op with Bear is so much fun. BL2 is the best.
(Sep 15, 2018)
Signing on as BikerBear this AM. Gonna do some gaming....
(Sep 13, 2018)
Nice visit this AM, but gotta get out the door for work. Going to high school today....Bwaa Haa Haw, have a school project and must make a meeting there.
(Sep 12, 2018)
Check out our "Saturday Melee", an online meet-up every Saturday morning. Check the Clan clock and adjust for your time zone.
(Sep 07, 2018)
Our first co-op play in a while is hosted by Warrior Clan. Join in or just watch on Saturday.
(Sep 06, 2018)
Back at you on that. What I do to fix my broken days is pretty much harmless.
(Sep 05, 2018)
Hey, whatever it takes to release the frustrations of a long day without actually harming a soul....
(Sep 04, 2018)
@Biker "shoot poo out of anything that moves" I thought my games are weird.
(Aug 31, 2018)
Happy Friday, Warriors.....Have a great weekend.
(Aug 28, 2018)
Had a frustrating day, getting ready to jump on and play SOMETHING that allows me to shoot the poo out of anything that moves.
(Aug 26, 2018)
1030 hours, US, EST, I am jumping into FC5 as BikerBear13. I have never co-oped this game, but there is always a first time. Have my headphones hooked up too.
(Aug 23, 2018)
Wait wait, I'm still here.
(Aug 22, 2018)
Saturday, 25 Aug 18, morning, anyone want to co-op some Borderlands? Or maybe FarCry 5?
(Aug 19, 2018)
There is a ComiCon at Osceola Heritage Park on the 25th/26th of August (Next weekend). Gonna go look for more toys
(Aug 19, 2018)
Hello out there, anyone in this group game anymore? I been seing Masiv, JCSBearmeat latley, A month ago, Damoder was giving me a run for my money on most cheevo points on Xbox, but beyond that, not seeing anyone gaming. Is this media outlet DEAD?
(Aug 18, 2018)