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(Apr 09, 2019)
Should I buy Handsome Collection in PC? I already have Borderlands 1 GOTY and 2GOTY in Xbox 360. but yeah, time changes an'all that.
(Apr 06, 2019)
Let's play some games so we have something to talk about. Me, been playing AC, Origins DLC's, enjoying quite a bit. No much longer and I'll be done. Anthem next?
(Apr 06, 2019)
Come on folks, let's post some game stuff.
(Apr 05, 2019)
BL3 finally, it's been Soooooo long...!
(Apr 03, 2019)
It's here. The release date for Borderlands 3 is here.
(Mar 28, 2019)
I've had it with my school, I'm shifting courses those engineers can kiss my a**!
(Mar 27, 2019)
... --- ...
(Mar 26, 2019)
__________________------------------------------------_------------__________________------------------__________-----_-_-____________-----__________________-----___________----__---------____ --- ------------ ... --- ...
(Mar 11, 2019)
Well, gave two weeks notice today, will be looking for a new job.
(Feb 27, 2019)
Check out the trailer, I'd post but am at work and don't know how to do this.
(Feb 27, 2019)
Anyone investigated "The Outer Worlds"? It is featured in GI this month, and looks like they are going back to RPG roots for this one. The design team includes folks that were involved in the original Fallout...
(Feb 21, 2019)
Trying to get itbut I think I need to be windows 10 for that. my PC is still on Win7 so it's kida pricey
(Feb 20, 2019)
Anyone else getting Anthem? I'll be trying it out.
(Feb 17, 2019)
Welcome home
(Feb 10, 2019)
Done with exam. I'm back
(Jan 26, 2019)
I'm online now but I have no idea where my headset is
(Jan 25, 2019)
Getting ready for Far Cry, New Dawn, so will be playing FC5 tomorrow A.M. UNLESS any want to jump into FO76 and team up.
(Jan 24, 2019)
It so hot it is hard to think
(Jan 21, 2019)
I think I missed to the other night. I went onloine to play Fallout but after the update you were gone.
(Jan 21, 2019)
Gaming site, doesn't anyone game anymore.