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Manakeep 728x90
(Jun 17, 2019)
Ahem, E3 is over.
(Jun 16, 2019)
Masiv, do you still have your scooter?
(Jun 14, 2019)
I don't ride near as much as I used to, once you hit 60, things really start to hurt. But I ride most days, I don't own a car.
(Jun 14, 2019)
Kind of isolated I think, I was just curious whether Masiv still had his bike.
(Jun 14, 2019)
Why don't you start a motorcycle thread Bear?
(Jun 13, 2019)
James, do you still have your Harley?
(Jun 12, 2019)
,masive out
(Jun 12, 2019)
My hands are pretty good today. So I'm helping
(Jun 12, 2019)
I logged out of twitter and tried and it worked for me
(Jun 11, 2019)
Don't have twitter account, so I don't think I can view our link???
(Jun 10, 2019)
I've got to get back to the Wasteland with you sometime
(Jun 06, 2019)
New mod, medievel castle, sounds like a LOOOONG build.
(Jun 06, 2019)
10PM Thursday, 6/6, getting ready to go visit the wasteland for a couple hours before sleep.
(Jun 04, 2019)
I'm just going to keep posting. We have hundreds of readers
(Jun 02, 2019)
Hello, anybody home?
(May 18, 2019)
WarGames/Joshua: "Would you like to play a game"?
(May 14, 2019)
Well, played for about 45 minutes, now I have "chores" to do, but I'll be back later on tonight to continue into a new wasteland. So far, it has possibilites...!
(May 14, 2019)
Loading Rage 2 onto my X1X right now, hopefully, this is a interest grabber.
(May 07, 2019)
Well, jumped into FO76 this A.M., and 10 minutes later they shut down the server for maintenance. Will try again this evening.