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(Dec 29, 2021)
Check out "This Week on Xbox" in the Events Section for 10 Tips
(Feb 26, 2021)
They are working on a massive patch that won’t be coming out until March
(Dec 10, 2020)
Having problems getting Cyberpunk 2077 to load....bah, humbug
(Nov 24, 2020)
So, how are you liking AC Valhalla?
(Oct 30, 2020)
Has been updated.
(Oct 30, 2020)
Well, guess I have to RE-DO the countdown, Cyperpunk 77 has been delayed again if I recall what I read.
(Oct 23, 2020)
Yeah if you pay for the monthly premium service. However, with Nuclear Fallout an option when you sign on, PvP players go there. I have yet to be attacked by anyone, just the opposite, folks give me stuff as a newbie.
(Oct 14, 2020)
Have they made private servers?
(Oct 12, 2020)
Just started a new character in Fallout 76 after not playing for more than a year, it really is much much better now.
(Sep 16, 2020)
& hi
(Sep 16, 2020)
It's a lot like Fallout in regards to gameplay. Multiple endings that depend on what you do during the game rather than a choice at the end. I recommend it.
(Sep 10, 2020)
Thinking I will give the Outer Worlds another go. I found it a bit tiresome my first go round, but maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance.
(Jul 25, 2020)
Been bingeing on Horizon 4, love being a Road Warrior. The Horizon series has put regular Forza in a BIG hole IMO.
(Jul 12, 2020)
Xbox GamePass has the updated "No Man's Sky" now, I bought on PS4 when first released, it sucked, but the updated version may just capture your attention.
(Jul 02, 2020)
Independence Day, USA. Happy 4th everyone, and a big thanks to the veterans of the past that gave us this great opportunity.
(Apr 10, 2020)
Happy Easter everyone!
(Mar 31, 2020)
Hope everyone is healthy and happy, HEALTHY first though...the rest is subjective.
(Mar 22, 2020)
I'll try to keep it together. I can't believe I miss my class now that I lost it.
(Mar 20, 2020)
Mother nature is fighting back. Hoping all of you stay safe and do not panic, it doesn't help. Gamers have an advantage in these times, make use of it and stay safe.
(Mar 20, 2020)
Guys! WTH is going on with the world!?