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Microsoft Talks About Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support

Masiv / Feb 19, 2018

While the Xbox One does not have an official, Microsoft-approved plan for support of keyboard and mouse controls (at least not yet), there are ways to do it. One way is through the use of adapters. Microsoft is apparently aware of this, but the company is not taking action in the case of multiplayer shooters--where keyboard and mouse players would theoretically have an advantage.

The reason? According to Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra, Microsoft could block keyboard and mouse setups on console, but won't do it because the company wants to give developers the freedom to operate their games as they see fit. Not only that, but a keyboard and mouse setup can be a helpful solution for players with accessibility considerations.

For a long time now, Microsoft has said it is considering bringing an official keyboard and mouse solution to the Xbox One. In September last year, Ybarra said keyboard and mouse support is "definitely coming" to Xbox One, but he didn't say when or in what form. Ybarra said Microsoft understands the concerns people have about keyboard and mouse users having the upper hand against people using a controller.

"We have to be very smart in how we do that. We'll leave it a lot up to developer choice," Ybarra said at the time. "A lot of people tweet me and say, 'You can't do this because of fairness,' and we understand that. We run two platforms; the Windows platform and the Xbox platform."

Ybarra said one solution is that developers can create systems in their games that allow players to decide if they want to play against people using controllers or a keyboard and mouse setup. In fact, Microsoft's Gears of War 4 supports cross-play between Xbox One and PC, and the company already tested the waters with controller versus keyboard and mouse setup. Xbox One players can choose whether or not they want to play with PC users.

Would you like to see official keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below!


It is an interesting idea though I definitely feel have been better with a controller than I have ever been with a mouse. They had a Keyboard for the PS4 but I can't remember hearing about anyone using it.
Microsoft and Razer team up for Xbox One keyboard and mouse, report says.

Microsoft initially announced its plans to bring a keyboard and mouse to the Xbox in 2015, and clearly we haven't seen it yet. But Microsoft didn't begin merging Windows 10 into the Xbox One until 2016, which was probably a necessary strategic first step in that direction.

You'd be able to play all PC games in addition to Xbox games, as well as stream them from cloud services on a single device. (Though Microsoft might prioritize its Xbox Game Pass service or Xbox Play Anywhere options and block other services.) Plus, it would give a reason to buy an Xbox for those who suck at playing via controllers. But while there are keyboard and mouse sets designed for couch operation, they're still kind of awkward.

Razer as a launch partner makes sense as well. It has a loyal fan base who are pretty likely to follow it into the Xbox fold.
New Xbox Update Details
Perhaps the biggest bit of news coming to Xbox…Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox

Phil Spencer joined Inside Xbox for a very exciting piece of news: mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One. Soon, developers will be able to build mouse and keyboard support in their games if and how they choose — entirely at their discretion — and Xbox will support them in creating the right experience for their games to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience. Warframe will be one of the first titles testing mouse and keyboard input when the feature arrives to Insider. We also announced that we’re partnering with Razer, a premiere peripheral manufacturer in the gaming hardware space, to bring you the best possible mouse and keyboard experience for this new functionality. We’ll have more details to share on mouse and keyboard support during our November episode of Inside Xbox.
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