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Discussion of your controller, accessories, or wish list
Discussion of your headset, accessories, or wish list
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Discussion of your handheld device, gear, accessories, or wish list.
Gaming is better in a Game Chair
Head mounted displays, stand, walk, run and jump in VR.
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Game Gear

Support Equipment, Controller Chargers

In past gen support items, I have always purchased a controller and earpiece charging stand. In the past I checked them out and always went with the Energizer system beyond Nyco and name brands.For the X1, I believe I am going to stick with the E...
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Game Gear

Gaming Technologies

7 gaming technologies you would love to have
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Game Gear

PS4 Getting New Accessories

PS4's New Accessories Include Updated Controller, Redesigned Camera
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Game Gear

Game Play Capture Devices

I am thinking of procuring a video game "capture device" but have no experience with this gear. Does anyone have any feedback or recommendations?
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Game Gear


Do LCD TVs Burn In?I came across this article about burn in and was completely surprised by it. I always thought that this problem was Plasma only.
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