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Bethesda announced that it will launch its latest Wolfenstein title, Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot for virtual reality. The game will debut in July.
Jerk Gustafsson, cofounder of Bethesda’s Machine Games, said your job is to be a hacker for the French Resistance, taking control of robots and turning them against their Nazi creators.

Releasing the same day as Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Bethesda also has a VR game called Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. It's also set in 1980's Nazi-occupied Paris. This time, your job is to take control of Nazi war machines and turn their guns back on the Nazis... in VR.

WOLFENSTEIN: Cyberpilot Trailer (2018)

"Play is the highest form of research, a chance to discover who we are, or maybe who we want to become." - Albert Einstein
Those who play games know why they do. To discover worlds, to challenge our fingers, and our minds. To connect with friends, or maybe just to escape.
Games are about possibilities, the paths we take as well as the ones we don't.
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