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#13793721 Jun 13, 2018 at 06:10 PM
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#13793009 Masiv wrote:

#13791222 Falconer wrote:

…. Do you own any good mobile games?

Sadly, no. I listen to podcasts and talk to my wife while I'm out doing stuff.

#13792988 Falconer wrote:

Been asleep for nearly 2 days. Still tired. I've woken up for a few hours last night I think. I feel pretty sick.

I'm sorry you are not feeling good these days. I think about you often and wish you well.

Thanks mate.
#13807374 Jul 04, 2018 at 03:50 AM
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First up Happy Independence Day! I've celebrating too this year because it is also the 100 year mateship centenary between Australia and America LINK.

In other news: I originally stopped posting due to a bad mood that lasted a week. It all started when they told me that you weren't going to operate because they don't completely know what is wrong with me. Recently I've been told that they are sending me to a neurologist because of the symptoms that I showed during one of my latest tests. The doctor tapped a part of my arm and it sent a volt of pain through my entire body. Also got some tablets they're not the best at pain management but they've done something. I was told it'd be around three months till I see my him or her.
If it is what they think it is there is a treatment so I could be cured one day.