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E3 2019

Date: Jun 09, 2019
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: Masiv
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Microsoft E3 2019 Conference Will Show Things ‘No One Has Ever Seen Before’.

With E3 2019 rapidly approaching, things may be a little different this year than fans are used to. The biggest reason is that Sony previously announced that the company would not be attending the event this year, leaving Microsoft and Nintendo as the remaining hardware representatives. This news opens an opportunity for both companies to steal some of the spotlight, a fact that Microsoft is likely going to try and use with promises of going big this year. During an interview with Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed a piece of Microsoft’s plan for E3 2019.

This year appears to be a little different, however, Spencer confirmed that new surprises will be shown that no one has seen before. The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s newest IP was also heavily hinted at and will likely show off some new gameplay following its reveal at The Game Awards last December.

One rumor that wasn’t confirmed during this interview was the possibility of new hardware being revealed. With xCloud and Microsoft’s game-streaming service heavy favorites to be shown, recent rumors surrounding next-generation Xbox hardware have also been on the rise. With an expected launch sometime in 2020, many have come to believe that Microsoft could be showing the new AMD powered tech at E3 2019, which potentially includes three different SKUs codenamed Scarlet, Anaconda, and Lockhart.

Microsoft’s E3 2019 event starts on June 9 at 1pm PDT/4PM EDT.

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