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Saturday Melee Co-Op Meet-up

Date: Sep 22, 2018
Time: 09:00 AM
Posted by: Masiv
Alliance Event: Yes

We will be playing Borderlands 2 on Saturday. Come by and join in the play with us. Biker Bear will be on vacation this Saturday and the next so we need players to join in.

Watch streaming gameplay on


Hmm, my highest level character in my Mechro, who's only level 34 currently. What level vault hunters would you be using?
It's so good to hear from you my friend. Maya the Siren is around level 37 or so. That's pretty close. I can't wait to Co-Op BL2 with you.
Sorry for my long absence. Life's gotten significantly busier after finishing college.

Awesome, that should work. If you want to use a higher level character, feel free to. I can always level up that way, although my combat efficiency would be dismal. Then again, I can always just play a medic role.

But yeah, I'll try hoping on with you guys this Saturday!

This thought just hit me. Biker Bear and I are using the BL2 from the Hansom Jack Collection that's ported to XB1. I don't think the older BL2 for the 360 will Co-Op with the newer one. Which one are you using?
Biker Bear
Everyone should have the 360 version, just getting the chat to work may be tricky.... Sorry I am going to miss it......
I have the Handsome Collection so I'll be playing the Xbox One version.
Great. We are all set. Can't wait. 😃
So, my car decided to crap out on me today. I'm going to have to go car shopping tomorrow, probably in the AM to maximize time efficiency. I won't be able to hop in during the morning due to that reason, but my plan is to be on later in the day/night if anyone's still on. I'm sorry guys. 😟
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