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Nintendo Show at E3

Date: Jun 12, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM
Posted by: Masiv
Alliance Event: Yes
What's coming from...Nintendo

Nintendo has confirmed that its traditional broadcast and Treehouse Livestream will be taking place from Tuesday June 12 at 9am PT/ 5pm BST.

With a new Zelda and a new Super Mario already out in the wild, we’re expecting Ninty to start rolling out its other tried and tested franchises. It’s high-time for a new Smash Bros, built from the ground up for Switch, and one that embraces the eSports scene that’s formed about Brawl and Melee over the years.

Nintendo has confirmed that Smash Bros will be a big focus for the show, getting a good chunk of the presentation, appearing first in the livestream and having a large section of the show floor to itself.

Kirby and Yoshi are also set to get new adventures in 2018, so we’re fully expecting Nintendo to showcases gameplay from both. Yoshi’s Wooly World was a side-scrolling hit on 3DS, so what we’ve seen so far suggests a platformer in a similar vein will follow suit. We’re also hoping (however unlikely it might be) that Animal Crossing might finally be coming to Switch with a new entry. Please, please, please, Nintendo…

Metroid Prime 4 will almost certainly appear, whether it be at Nintendo’s E3 show or in a special Nintendo Direct beforehand. The recent revival on 3DS has been well received by fans, so we’ve high hopes for Samus Aran’s next full fat adventure. Finally, there’s the one everyone’s been asking for: a Switch-based Pokémon. We now know that this core Pokemon RPG on Switch will launch in late 2019 and we hope to see more about it at this year's show. Or perhaps even more about the 2018 releases, Pokemon Let's Go.

Nintendo may be set to put even more joy into your gaming life with a revised version of its Joy-Con gamepads, according to a new FCC filing. However, those expecting a massively-revamped controller look likely to be left a bit disappointed – the filing points to a quality of life upgrade, one that fixes the intermittent connectivity issues that has dogged the Switch since its launch.

The Joy-Con controllers (or the left hand unit at least) has been known to lose its connection to the core console – leaving Nintendo to issue only partially successful software fixes, and to urge gamers to avoid playing near items as disparate as aquariums and microwaves. The new pads could fix that – here's hoping they improve the D-Pad, too.

We also imagine there's a chance Nintendo will announce some new kits for its upcoming Nintendo Labo accessory which is now available worldwide.

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