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Masiv / Jul 23, 2018

One of the most surprising moments of E3 2018 was when Phil Spencer mentioned that the next-generation of Xbox consoles were already in development and codenamed Scarlet. No further details were shared beyond that, but a new report may give fans a better idea of what to expect from Scarlet and the future of Xbox.

Thurrott reports that Microsoft plans on launching two distinct versions of the next-generation Xbox. One version will be a traditional home console that will play games locally, but the other will be a cloud-based streaming box that has been referred to as Scarlet Cloud. The cloud-based Xbox console will be made to stream games from Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming service, and will reduce latency by running games both locally and through the cloud.

Whether players choose to purchase the traditional version of Scarlet or Scarlet Cloud shouldn’t make a difference in terms of what content they can access. Both Scarlet and Scarlet Cloud (and apparently other devices as well, such as PCs) will have access to Microsoft’s game streaming service, which will presumably be an evolution of the Xbox Game Pass that currently requires players to download each title individually.

In its report, Thurrott also reiterated that Microsoft is looking to release the next-generation Xbox consoles in 2020. Since Microsoft has already started teasing the next-generation of Xbox hardware, 2020 does seem like a reasonable release year. Depending on when in 2020 Microsoft plans on launching the Scarlet family of consoles, we may even get some concrete details at E3 2019 next summer.
Masiv / Jun 06, 2018

E3 2018 will take place from June 12-14, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 2018 expo will mark the 21st time E3 was held in the Los Angeles area.

The biggest stage in gaming for reveals and news drops formally kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center on the 12th. But really, the show informally kicks off a few days earlier, on Saturday, when the annual gauntlet of press conferences begins.

The actual E3 event starts on Tuesday shortly after Nintendo's stream ends. But if you're not going to be hanging at the Los Angeles Convention Center next week, the press conferences will be your best bet for getting up-to-the-minute E3 news as it unfolds.

Here is the E3 2018 press conference schedule
  • EA – June 9 at 11am PT/ 7pm BST
  • Microsoft – June 10 at 1pm PT/ 9pm BST
  • Bethesda – June 10 at 6.30 pm PT/ 2.30 am BST
  • Square Enix – June 11 at 10am PT/ 6pm BST
  • Ubisoft – June 11 at 1pm PT/ 9pm BST
  • Sony – June 11 at 6pm PT/ 2am BST
  • Nintendo – June 12 at 9am PT/ 5pm BST

See our Events Calendar for more info and links to watch the conferences.
Do video games cause violenence?
By Masiv
Have you hearing about how violent video games somehow make people (young people) go out and kill for real? First, let me say that games, movies, and TV do not show violence. No one is really killed or even hurt for that matter. Safety is a priority for the industry. Everyone knows that. What you are watching is the artistic depiction of violence.

In Xavier Morales' review of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, Vol I, entitled "Beauty and violence", he calls the film "a groundbreaking aestheticization of violence." Morales says that the film, which he calls "easily one of the most violent movies ever made" is "a breathtaking landscape in which art and violence coalesce into one unforgettable aesthetic experience".

Film critics analyzing violent film images that seek to aesthetically please the viewer mainly fall into two categories. Critics who see depictions of violence in film as superficial and exploitative argue that it leads audience members to become desensitized to brutality, thus increasing their aggression. On the other hand, critics who view violence as a type of content, or as a theme, claim it is cathartic and provides "acceptable outlets for anti-social impulses".

Either way, when you engage someone in the debate about violent games and anti-social behavior, be sure to remind them that what we are seeing is not really violent, it's the artistic depiction of violence. Just like when they were watching cowboys and Indians as a kid. Did it make them want to seek out Indians (or anyone else) and kill them. NO. It's just entertainment.