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Use to tell others where you are on and link your channel so others can find you.
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Online Gaming Sessions

[Pinned] Warrior Clan Gamer Database

Bear Quote from page 4 "Ideas to improve the Warrior Clan" #13176136 Biker Bear wrote:My thoughts and we all know opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one, and they all stink.😏Post something for others to read with personal human experience. T...
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Online Gaming Sessions

[Pinned] Warrior Clan Club on XBL

I have created a private Co-Op club on XBL called the Warrior Clan. I sent most of you an invitation to join. If you didn't get one, I don't have you in my friends list. You can still search and find the club and ask to join. Please do.Since the c...
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Online Gaming Sessions


I know that we have the events section to set up gaming sessions, but we need a topic section that is for nothing but game invites like on Xbox Live to post your wants for gaming.....
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Online Gaming Sessions

Destiny 2 Warrior Clans

PlayStation ClanXbox ClanBungie have started the Clan Version 2 system on So I've created the PlayStation Version for you all to join. Masiv can you create a new clan for the xbox and I'll link it above. One day I intend to get Destiny ...
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Online Gaming Sessions

Street Fighter V

Are any of you warriors World Warriors? Anybody interested in getting together some night for an 8 man (or however many we can get) Battle Lounge tournament?
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Online Gaming Sessions

The 606th Airborne Infantry Jaeger Division

So let me tell you Warriors about my warriors.In March of 2015 a buddy of mine talked me into buying Helldivers as a game we could play together. This particular friend and I often aspire to play games together, and when we do we always have a b...
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Online Gaming Sessions

Borderlands Play Session

If anyone wants to, I will try to host a retro Borderlands session on Tuesday, March 22nd at 8:00pm EDT (that should be around 10am for Australia and 12pm for England). Feel free to drop in if you would like.
JCSBEARMEAT111705Small Falconer 1y
Online Gaming Sessions

The Division (XB1)

Plan your co-op play for The Division here. Give the date and a time range you would like to play with Clan members. It's been a while, but you guys know what to do.
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Online Gaming Sessions

GTA Heists

This is something that I'd love us to get together and do! I'd have to buy GTAV on the X1 and I can't just yet. I'll wait for a bargain bin sale. That said I've been reading up on it and you need to go with people you trust. There is no way I'd tr...
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Online Gaming Sessions

Dragon Age Online

Haven't played it yet, but Iif it's good we need to organize a game!
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Online Gaming Sessions

WARC (Destiny Multiplayer)

Ok in the chance that destiny will have shared servers between Playstation and Xbox I have created WARC. This is just for us! Though we can use it to get more members. I'll make all my friends here leaders when you join :)
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Online Gaming Sessions

WARC R* Online

I've created a group called Warrior Clan Shivtr HEREAlas Warrior Clan was taken so I put Shivtr at the end. A link to our website can be found there also. Join and games like GTAV, RDR and whatever the future games R* comes out we'll be able to pl...
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Online Gaming Sessions

WCB Assassin's Creed Online

I have no idea where to access this on the web but in game search for WarriorClan (no spaces allowed) abbreviated as WCB (Warrior Clan Brotherhood). Clubs are in-game guilds built for the new Co-op system. We have an explore-able clubhouse in East...
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Online Gaming Sessions

Cross Platform News

Sony & Microsoft: It’s Time to Allow PS4 and Xbox One Gamers to Play Together on the Same ServersHow one indie got Sony and Microsoft to support cross-platform contentIn my opinion it is going to take a legal genius, not a IT one to get it to ...
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Online Gaming Sessions

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (X360)

I'm getting the game the morning of the 14th and I am going to try to play a lot. Who wants to join me on Tuesday for some co-op missions on the moon starting around 10:00AM?
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Online Gaming Sessions

Online Server and Network Status

When something goes wrong with XBL, PSN, or whatever post it here.Currently Australia's PSN is down. We share a lot of our PSN with the EU so they could be also.Found a LINK
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Online Gaming Sessions

Halo 4 Spartan Ops

While Halo MP is ok I have found that the co-op Spartan Ops is a whole lot better even playing alone. Some of the Achievements however, like keeping the weakest marines in the galaxy on Legendary is ruddy hard alone lol.If you want to get these ac...
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Online Gaming Sessions

Borderland 2 (x360)

#8799910 Biker Bear wrote:Gonna play BL2, Saturday, 7th of December 2013, at 0900 EST till 1130 hours the same day.Bear is IN....Jim said so too, but he will confirm for himself.Let's take Pandora...again. I think this Forum Topic was a good idea...
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