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#13482294 Oct 14, 2017 at 08:00 AM
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#13480815 Biker Bear wrote:


D2 is out now, and to date no activity here. I have the game, release day, just been to busy to pursue it. Finished up some loose ends last weekend by completing Uncharted 4, and playing and completing Uncharted, Lost Legacy. That is another story....

I believe I am going to dive into Destiny 2 tomorrow early AM and see where it goes, I am a big advocate of the original Destiny, biggest option of co-op with buds was a great boon and to me, almost required to finish the DLC's, but alas, that option didn't materialize so I never finished.

I'll be in Destiny 2 tomorrow, Sat, 7 Oct, if anyone else happens to want to "Warrior Up"...!

Remember, we are here about the 'fight"...

Have a good day...

That's weird I could have sworn that I posed about D2. It's a very good game definitely improved on the story!