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I have signed up to the Xbox Games Pass free trial and given Mad Max a try. I enjoyed it for a bit since the vehicle combat is a lot of fun as is upgrading the car, much of the game though is extremely repetitive and you have to do the same 4 or 5 tasks in each region to find scrap and lower your threat level so you can upgrade the car with little to no story associated with the tasks. The graphics are good for such a large open world but not great, the story so far seems like a rehash of The Road Warrior and has Max helping settlements against raiders after having lost the V8 Interceptor.... again 😐

There is a good idea for a game in there but it is just so very very boring, I tried to keep going but I have to take a break from it so I am giving Ryse a go now.

#13285731 Jun 06, 2017 at 10:51 AM
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#13285676 DamodarThade wrote:

I have signed up to the Xbox Games Pass free trial and given Mad Max a try....

I'm glad to see you try it out. And I think that's the point. Try out the games before you spend a lot of money for something you don't like. Even though you are spending some, you get to decide what games you like first. 😉

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