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#13454631 Sep 24, 2017 at 10:42 PM
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All the best story experiences I've had are in single player focused games. Since story is a big part of Final Fantasy's experience,I don't want to see the narratives in future Final Fantasy games get neglected so the developers can focus on MMORPG elements. I forgot to mention Final Fantasy 14(which is also an MMORPG. Square Enix focused a little bit extra on FF14's story development,but still... it's story isn't memorable.I think this is because story-driven games have epic stories,where as multiplayer-driven games have stories which are in the background,but not the main drive.

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The only thing I remember about FF14 is the security was a nightmare so I deleted it. The story was ookay I remember thinking but unlike the SP I don't remember it at all.
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Well, MMO trying to have a great Story and narratives tends to forget that they're an MMO. Yes, I'm looking at you Star Wars: The Old Republic that game is basically single player by now.
in a way. if They try to make an FF with good story and also an MMO it's gonna be SW:TOR all over again. then again, I only know SW:TOR that way because I saw how it is played by my bros. FFXIV is something we never played.
Then again Tidus is right on this one Epic stories are often seen in SP games that's what makes SP games so great.
MMO or Multiplayer centered(not necessarily MMOs) games focuses on exploration, loot, cooperative plays and social activities to do that's great with friends and online clans. Which is kinda of a Virtual World per se you talk and interact with people who's a total stranger kinda like going to your first day in work or school as a new employee or student. you get to people who has a common interest or quest or mission to do you get be friends and call each other whenever one is available to assist. Friendship is Magic
That's kinda makes me remember I'm often solo. Introvert in real life and introvert in a virtual world. T_T
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#13029224 DamodarThade wrote:

I'm not a fan of the micro-transaction thing, the worst are loot boxes in my opinion since you could pop one open and get what you wanted or have to buy dozens before you get what your looking for. Skins and map packs are a close second, some devs give stuff like that out free and others end up charging you near the price of a brand new game for a couple of map packs.

The other thing I dislike is devs saying we aren't forcing you to buy our micro-transactions since you can earn the stuff in game but then make it into really long boring grinds to unlock the stuff.

Publishers Don't Realize Microtransactions Are Hurting Them, Too

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